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Tips and Hints

Wash Tips:

1. You can start by washing your car by using the  low-pressure "pre-soak" feature, as well as the "wheel & tire clean" feature. Both of these features are based on a low-pressure system that allows highly concentrated soap chemistry which strips off the film, bugs, baked on dust from you vehicle and tires. Both features use the identical soap solution. After this process is complete, you now will continue with the soap cycle. The benefit of using the "wheel & tire clean" on your tires is that you will notice the tires become less chalky and more black.

2. Continue washing your vehicle using a soap cycle and wash from the top down. Hold the wand 20 to 30cm from your vehicle's surface and wash in a steady side-to-side motion covering the entire surface. Wash thoroughly inside your wheel wells, which is a common spot for rust to form as it often attracts the most salt, and automatic car washes do not reach this area effectively. You can also wash your vinyl or carpet car mats by using the clamps at the front of the bay; in the winter your carpet mats should be brought inside your home overnight after washing.

3. If the dirt has been allowed to adhere to your car's surface you may need to use the foamy brush. To do so turn the selector to "Foamy Brush". Ensure that the brush head has no grime caught in it, if it does give it a rinse with the wand. The brush is effective at removing the dirt that has adhered to the finish and is also an effective tool for giving your wheels that extra shine. To prevent scratching your car's finish, never use the brush without the foam and wash the heavy grime from your car before applying the brush .

4. Rinse your vehicle from top to bottom for a spot-free finish with our softened water using the rinse cycle.

5. Apply a coat of wax to your car's wet surface. Our waxes help protect your vehicle's finish and enhance its shine. It does not need to be applied at each wash, but it is wise to apply at least monthly. 

6. Apply a light rinse after applying the wax to avoid spotting by using the rinse cycle.

7. Run the vacuum through your car's interior and trunk if necessary. At both locations, our outside vacuum offers 50% more time for $1.

8. In the winter, use our air hoses located at the rear of the bay on your locks and handles to prevent freeze up. Ensure you have time on your cycle and turn the dial to "Air Hose".

9. Enjoy the look and feel of your clean car!

Money Savings:

Because we are dedicated to giving you value, we offer the following money-saving tips:

1. Turn the dial from soap to rinse before you are actually done soaping. When you turn the dial to rinse, a signal is sent to the machine to stop putting soap in the lines, however it can still take several seconds for the soap to clear the lines. You can use this extra time to wash the last part of your car that did not receive soap; by the time you are done with the soap the water should be running clear. Please note that the amount of time it takes for the soap to clear the line will vary depending upon which bay you are in.

2. Deposit multiple coins for longer cycles. When you deposit multiple coins, our machines give you full credit for the money. Additional coins can be deposited at any time during your cycle to give you the extra time. This action can save you money because the time it takes to walk back to the point where you were when the cycle ended can be put to better use.

3. Wash your car frequently. Because dirt and road grime get less time to adhere to your car's finish you will have to spend less time washing it. Many of our regulars find that washing their car more often costs them less, and leaves them feeling better about their car.