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The following are some questions that we are frequently asked:

Q. How come my car never looks as clean when I wash at home with my pressure washer?
A. Chemistry. When you use hot water that has been softened along with top-of-the line soap and professional equipment, you simply get a better spot-free wash. To ensure you get the best wash we also monitor our soap quality on a daily basis and adjust the soap to match your cleaning needs; i.e. we adjust for salt, sun, mud, sand, etc.

Q. Do you use reclaimed or recycled water?
A. No. We always use fresh, hot, softened water.

Q What is your policy for drying time and hand washing?
A. When our bays our full, we do not offer free time for drying and/or detailing. Our staff are instructed to enforce this policy. If you would like to remain in your bay when our bays are full, then you can do so by keeping your timer engaged. Simply do so by inserting additional coins to start the timer and turn the dial to "off". An active timer is marked for us by the flashing red ight near the roof at the entrance to each bay in addition to the time counting down on the timer above the coin box. You may remain in the bay as long as the red light is engaged and you are not partaking in auto repairs. As a courtesy to you, the red light will not need to remain engaged if we have available bays for other customers.

Q. What coins do you accept?
A. Our coin boxes accept loonies and twonies, with twonies giving you a double cycle. $2 is required to start the timer, which can be in the form of one twonie or two loonies. Additional coins can also be inserted at the start of the cycle or any point prior to the timer hitting 0:00. Once the timer hits 0:00 $2 will be required to re-start. Our coin boxes also use our proprietary tokens, which can be purchased through our credit card accepting dispensers, located next to our change machines. Each token has the value of $1.00. Two tokens are required to start the timer and tokens can be used in conjunction with loonies and toonies.

Q. Can I get change on site?
A. Yes, both our locations have a change machine located near the entrance to take 5s, 10s, and 20s. The machine dispense loonies and toonies. New: For your convenience, both locations now accept Interac Debit, Visa and MasterCard directly in your bay. Simply select your amount, press "OK" and TAP your card. In addition, we have a token-dispensing machine located next to the change machine that will accept your Visa or MasterCard and dispense tokens in pre-set amounts ($5, $10, $20, $25).

Q. Can I wash my trailer at your facilities?
A. No. Due to the fact that washing in the bays of either our Scurfield or Goulet locations require backing out of the bay we have experienced damage to our buildings and trailers when they have been brought in. Trailers in our buildings also inconvenience our other customers. We therefore do not allow trailers. We would recommend bringing a trailer to one of the older multi-door facilities around town as those washes will allow you to pull your vehicle and trailer through the bay.

Q. Do you adjust your timers depending on traffic flow and time of year?
A. No, we do not. Like any business we review our prices occasionally as our input costs such as wages, taxes, utilities, and supplies increase, but we limit our changes to no more than once per year if at all.

Q. How can I avoid frozen doors in the winter?
A. We offer high-powered air hoses at the rear of each bay. They do an excellent job of blowing moisture out of locks and door handles. They can also be used to blow out moisture along door gaskets and sills. The air hoses are operated through the coin box in the same manner as the wash wand and vacuum.

Q. Why do the wands spray without pulling the trigger?
A. This feature is called a weeping wand. When a wash cycle is active the wand puts out a low-pressure spray that allows our customers greater ease in washing certain areas of their car such as door sills and engines, or furnace filters from their home. Pulling the trigger will give you the high pressure that you need for general vehicle washing.

Q. Can I vacuum my vehicle at your car wash?
A. Yes. Each bay inside has a wall-mounted vacuum that is operated on the same dial as the wand. Turn the dial to "vac," which is found at the 3 o'clock position on the dial. Our St. Boniface location has an outside vacuum located at the front of the building near the exit. At our Whyte Ridge location our outside vacuum is located the west side of our building. Our outside vacuums offer 50% more time for the same price and can accommodate larger vehicles.

Q. Are your vacuums wet/ dry?
A. Yes, liquids can be sucked up by our vacuums.

Q. How much clearance does your facility have?
A. Our door height at Scurfield is 2.8m (9ft 3") and at Goulet is 2.9m (9ft 6").

Q. What happens if I insert extra coins during my wash cycle?
A. Inserting extra coins at any time during your wash cycle will give you full credit for additional cycles. This can be helpful during situations when you want longer time from the wash, such as when cleaning larger vehicles.

Q. When you say you are open until midnight, does this mean I have to be out by midnight?
A. No. The last car we let into our facility is at midnight. Cars in the wash after this point have until approximately 12:45am to finish their wash.

Q. Why don't you have engine cleaner?
A. Demand for this service has been very low. Customers wishing to wash their engine are invited to use a store purchased engine foam in our facility (Mastercraft has an excellent product). Also, by not having the extra equipment required for this product we can keep our focus on maintaining the services our customers want.

Q. How come the foamy brush didn't work when I put my money in?
A. It is quite likely that the selector switch is set to "soap" instead of "foamy brush". This seems to be a common mistake for many of our first-time customers.

Q. If there is a line-up, how long can I expect to wait?
A. At Whyte Ridge, typically two minutes per car. A line-up that goes right to Scurfield is approximately 10 cars and therefore about a 20 minute wait. Line-ups are becoming more frequent as we become more popular, but there are many times throughout the week where they are not an issue. At Goulet the wait averages approximately three minutes per car.